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Durban is known for its wonderful beaches, the stunning landscapes and the fascinating party scene. However, more experienced tourists will share the locals’ opinion that the city is much more than that. If you come here, you must make time for a few short trips around the city, where you will discover remarkable art galleries and museums. These are the places where you can get a good taste of the African culture and explore the history of the people that live here.

The Phansi Museum is one of the most interesting and underrated history museums in Durban. The gallery hosts a large collection of Zulu artifacts and samples of the first trades that took place between the natives and the Europeans more than two centuries ago. The museum is curated by volunteers and a visit here will offer an original depiction of how people used to live, dress and behave in a society that has disappeared.

The Natural Science Museum is one of the most visited attractions in Durban. Its central location and realistic exhibitions are the main reasons behind the large number of guests that it receives every year. If you do not want to venture on a wild safari, but you still want to explore the local wildlife and its evolution, then this is the perfect museum for you.

The past of the Durban natives is not completely known and an exclusive history museum for them has not been established yet. However, the African Art Centre is probably the gallery that comes closer to that title than any other institution here. The exhibition has a permanent display of authentic African art. The oldest pieces are not for sale, but you can buy yourself a set of modern beads as a souvenir.

Other interesting history museums in Durban include the Kwa Muhle Museum, dedicated to the Apartheid victims, the Port Natal Maritime Museum and the Bergtheil Museum.

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